Huawei to Launch a New Flagship Mate Series Smartphone next month

Huawei has two flagship series, the P and the Mate series. New, upgraded variants of P and Mate series are usually launched yearly in Q1 and Q3 or Q4 respectively. Mate series will not be launched before September however rumor has it that Huawei is relaunching Mate S, a device it earlier launched in 2015.

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Huawei has already launched its P40 series. Its yearly Mate series upgrade is not due until mid-Q3 2020, or Q4 2020. It seems though that Huawei might launch three flagship smartphones per year.

Also, Huawei wants to make use of its time between P and Mate series launches. This is because many of its competitors launch their phones during this time.

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Thus it has been reported that Huawei will launch Mate S, a device it earlier launched in September 2015. Mate S launched only a couple of months before Mate 8. However Mate 8 was globally launched by in 2016.

It is expected that Huawei will launch this device next month in China but there are no rumored specs released of the device till yet. It is however expected that Mate S might feature Kirin chipset. It will not be Kirin 1020 as its mass production will not be done until August.

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