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Huawei to Launch Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Huawei is planning to launch augmented reality smart glasses within a year or two. Reportedly Apple is working on a similar product, thus it will bring both the leading smartphone makers head to head in the smart glasses market as well.

Augmented reality is basically a technology that allows the user to have a virtual 3D image in the real world. Huawei has already introduced the augmented reality Apps in its recently launched Mate 20 pro phone.

According to the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, Richard Yu AR glasses will offer a next level experience to the customers.

He said, “With this AR, you can have AR glasses working with phone, maybe you can watch more of a large area.”

Adding, “In the beginning, you may feel AR … is nothing. But in the future, you will see more and more the value of that.”

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Yu said that Huawei will launch more augmented reality apps or experiences in the smartphones so that users get accustomed to it before it is launched in glasses.

Yu said, “The next one to two years I think the industry will commercialize, even for Huawei. We will bring a better user experience product.”

Basically, the wearable smart glasses technology did not gain much popularity amongst the masses. But now if AR glasses are introduced, people may get attracted to it.

Tom Mainelli, vice president of devices and AR/VR at IDC said,  “AR headset growth may seem muted, but it’s still very early days in this market.”