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Huawei will be the World’s Number 1 Smartphone Maker even Without the US Market – Huawei

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group said, “Even without the United States (US) market, we’ll be No 1 in the world.”

Yu was also quoted saying that its competitors are using “some political way … to try to kick us out from the US market”. “They cannot compete with us on the product, on technology, on innovation, so they compete with us using politics.”

It is pertinent to mention here that in Feb 2018 six leading Intelligence Agencies of USA warned the USA citizens not to use phones of Chinese manufacturers that are Huawei and ZTE. This was announced at a Senate Intelligence Committee. These USA intelligence agencies include FBI, The CIA, The NSA, and the director of National Intelligence. The reason that USA intelligence agencies are warning its citizens not to use Huawei phone is that they believe that Chinese government is spying on USA people via these phones. Thus to safeguard USA’s national security the warning is given to avoid using Chinese manufactured phones.

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The company’s CEO Richard Yu says,

“We are committed to the US market and to earning the trust of US consumers by staying focused on delivering world-class products and innovation. We would never compromise that trust, the security risk concerns are based on groundless suspicions and are quite frankly unfair. We welcome an open and transparent discussion if it is based on facts”.

Something that is weird in all this situation is that not all Chinese phones are being pushed out of USA market. It is just Huawei. Other companies like Lenovo and OnePlus and other Chinese companies are effectively operating in the USA. So is this conflict with Huawei, the company or is it really a security issue?