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Huawei Would Be The First To Use Graphene Batteries in P40 Series

Huawei has been working on the new Graphene Batteries for some time now, according to the media reports Huawei is all set to launch Graphene Batteries in the new Huawei series’ most likely P40 series.

According to the report, with the use of Graphene batteries, Huawei will bring a massive change in battery capacity and its life. The new technology will increase the battery capacity along with its efficacy. The new built focuses on reducing physical battery space while achieving more capacity at the same time. This means Huawei will offer a 5000mAh battery with 30% smaller in size and weight.

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According to Huawei France, “the company would be the first to deploy graphene batteries in smartphones; the company intends to use these batteries in high-end smartphones.”

Huawei P40 series is expected to come during the first half of 2020, and we can expect Huawei stuffing Graphene batteries in these smartphones as Huawei P40 series is the premium product line of the company.

However, the industry professionals say that the companies are currently struggling with three major issues of Graphene batteries including; safety, energy density, and rate performance. The rate performance refers to fast charging support. If Huawei addresses all these issues on time, the company is likely to introduce this technology in the P40 series.

According to Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s head of consumer business, “P40 series would be released in March 2020. We also have some earlier reports about Huawei P40 series which supports 50W superfast charging with a capacity of 5000mAh battery. The next year would probably see huge changes in battery capacity and its performance.