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Hulu and Disney+ are merging into one app

Among the online streaming services Disney+ and Hulu are the biggest service providers. They have been quite close to one another. Well, now beyond our expectations the two streaming services are going to merge into one app. The merger will happen quite soon.

Previously, both streaming services have raised their prices at around the same time. Moreover, a part of Hulu is also owned by Disney. The two businesses are very close to one another from this perspective. Well, the merger of streaming services is quite rare. A few time ago we learned about the merger of Discovery+ and HBO MAX into MAX.

According to reports, the merger between Hulu and Disney+ was announced during the Q2 2023 earnings report session of Disney. Through this merger, the company will be able to provide a more streamlined streaming service. In addition to this, the report suggests that it will create more space for advertising.

Well, this is expected to happen soon. As the reports suggest that it will happen before the end of this year. A lot is unknown about this deal at the moment. We have no clue on much the new service will cost since both companies have just recently raised the subscription prices. What type of content will be available and how the available content will be affected? Things will eventually become more clear with time.

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