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TikTok adds a new Search widget for Android and iPhone users

TikTok is one of the popular video-sharing platforms. Over the course of the previous few years, the video-sharing platform is working hard to introduce new features and thus hold the user base. Besides holding the top position in the short-form video market, TikTok is interested in getting some market share from the search industry. for this reason, the platform has introduced a new search widget for iPhone and Android users. using this new widget users can easily access the search functionalities of TikTok.

Well, this recent development is in line with a marketing campaign held earlier this year in the UK. During this campaign, TikTok advertised itself as a search engine. It featured some altered patterns in online content searches. It is because of the immersive experiences offered by TikTok, besides TikTok, Instagram also provides a similar search experience and it is gaining popularity as opposed to the traditional keyword-based searches.

This change in user behavior has been addressed by the Senior Vice President, of Google. Prabhakar Raghavan, stated, Google is learning things with the passing years. users have evolved. They are not tied to the same old methods of using the internet. They now want to discover content in more engaging ways. As per the studies conducted by Google, 40% of young users head to TikTok or Instagram while searching for a place to dine out instead of using Google Maps or Search.

How to setup the Search widget on iOS and Android

For adding the Search widget on iOS, users are required to long press on the home screen, then tap on the “+” icon. They can then search for TikTok, locate the “Search” widget, and click on “Add Widget.” Android users, on the other hand, can add the Search widget by long pressing the home screen. Followed by this click on widgets and search for TikTok. Click on Add widget.

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