Impressive new humanoid robots from Amazon are currently undergoing testing

According to the information shared by the BBC, Amazon is working on a new humanoid robot. Reportedly, the company is testing the new prototype at its warehouse in the US. The new humanoid robot is given the name Digit. It has two arms and legs that will help with moving things from one place to another. In this way, the workload will be simplified concerning the tedious tasks.

As compared to robots with wheels, Digit will utilize its legs to climb the stairs. It is unclear when or whether these robots will be allowed, according to Amazon, which states that it is now evaluating them to see how well they get along with corporate workers. The company’s plan to automate most of the warehouse operations is disturbing for workers who find it concerning for their jobs.

On the other hand, the company declares that it was able to open 700 new categories of job types with the deployment of 750,000+ robots in its warehouses. The company claims that these job types were not available in the past. Furthermore, the company rejected the idea of a fully automated warehouse with no human staff.

According to Tye Brady, Amazon Robotics’ chief technologist, there is no reality in a fully automated warehouse project. The human workforce is crucial to the fulfillment process. Robots are unable to think at a higher level and figure out the problems. Amazon states that a human workforce is required to repair the broken robots which happens more often.

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