Latest update of Gmail will open links in split-screen mode on larger screens

Google is gradually improving its apps with new upgrades to make them work better on bigger displays. The upcoming Gmail app upgrade will simplify your experience whenever you need to open a link. A recent report claims that Gmail now opens links in split-screen mode on larger-screen devices.

With time, Android is turning into a much more tablet-friendly OS. First-party programs have been updated to function better on tablets and foldable devices, including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and more. Given that Google now sells a tablet and a foldable smartphone, this is fantastic. There will be more changes soon, so stay tuned for more tales along these lines.

Links in Gmail will open in split-screen mode on larger displays

The addition of this capability to the app is beneficial. Being able to access multiple things at once is the key to multitasking. The browser used to fill the screen when you tapped on a link in Gmail. While it’s not a horrible thing, you probably won’t want it if you’re trying to multitask.

Gmail will open the link in split-screen mode on foldable devices and tablets instead of filling the screen. You will be able to access the original email in this manner. You might still need to access certain information in the email.

A Chrome tab will open on the right side of the screen when you tap the link. Gmail will shrink to the lower left corner of the display. When that occurs, Gmail will display in a more recognizable mobile format, with the email content taking up the left column. Press the arrow located in the upper left corner of the screen to gain access to the inbox. As this is rolling out, you ought to be able to view it right now. If not, you may want to give it some time to reach you. Verify that the Gmail app has the most recent updates.

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