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In a camera test, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra fell short of the iPhone 13 Pro

Some of the sources claim that Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with some best camera features. It is often compared to some latest iPhone models regarding camera upgrades. In this story, we will cover the comparison between the camera capacities of Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro. A recent test by DXOMARK indicates that the camera capabilities of Galaxy S23 are close to but not equivalent to the iPhone 13 Pro.

The South Korean tech giant introduced the Galaxy S23 lineup early in February. The company introduced several upgrades as well as improvements in contrast to last year’s series. These upgrades included a new dedicated Qualcomm chip that claims to present photography features fueled by artificial intelligence.

As per the results from the DXOMARK, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra scored 140 points and was placed in the tenth position worldwide. On the other hand, iPhone 13 Pro scored 141 points. iPhone 14 Pro scored 146 and was placed at the fourth rank. Reportedly, some of the problems presented with the Galaxy S23 Ultra consist of:

  • low contrast in backlit scenes
  • occasional local loss of detail on faces
  • fusion artifacts in all conditions
  • instability in exposures

As per DXOMARK, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has some exposure differences. They are portrayed when the same scene is captured via consecutive shots. In comparison, iPhone 14 Pro displays more consistent exposure as well as better tone compression on faces.

Besides this, the Galaxy S23 Ultra performed well in the video category. Such performance can be attributed to its effective stabilization and fast, accurate autofocus. However, a delay in shutter moment and actual capture was observed during the low-light conditions.

Furthermore, the smartphone presents an “unnatural appearance” in images that have a bright background. Some objects were captured with a halo effect in order to make them appear to glow. Well, when it comes to an overall score, DXOMARK claims that the Galaxy S23 Ultra performed well as an all-rounder camera without substantial drawbacks. So, we can say that Samsung is still behind Apple in the camera game.

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