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Mammoth is working as a new Mastodon client for iOS and macOS

Because of Twitter’s recent controversy, decentralization and open-source network Mastodon have received a lot of attention. Both of these platforms are pretty similar. There is a new third-party option introduced for both Android and iOS users that will be a great option to get access to social platforms from their devices with Mammoth, which will act as a free client for Mastodon.

Mammoth for Mastodon

Mammoth was launched and created by Shihab Mehboob, the same person who developed Avary, which was a third-party application for Twitter. Aviary and Mammoth are pretty similar to each other. Those who have experience using Avary can easily see that.

Although Mammoth has many great features, its best feature for iOS and Mac is column-based customization. All the options of the timeline, like mentions, likes, inbox messages, book marks, and profiles, are all accessible on a single page, which provides a lot of convenience. These columns can be customized as per your convenience and can help you access the information immediately.

This application can provide you with a convenient usage experience on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. One example is the login page of an application, which allows users to select from the most popular mastodon servers when signing up. This app is completely customizable, as it lets users customize everything, including icons, themes, and the way posts should appear on your timeline.

However, there is much more to this app than that. This app lets users undo their posts immediately after posting them. Along with that, it provides support for GIFs, picture-in-picture mode, polls, and the drag-and-drop option. The application is also providing many shortcut options, like those for Siri, Face ID, Touch ID passwords, keyboards, and sharing extensions.

All of these features of Mastodon can be experienced while using Mammoth, including the timeline view in chronological order, notifications and updates, viewing your profile as another user, generating new posts using media, and customizing profiles.

Both of these applications are available at the App Store. However, the application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple silicon Mac devices. 

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