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In Anti-Trump Protest, Palestinian Triplets were Named Jerusalem, Palestine and Capital

In the last month of 2017, Donald Trump shocked everyone by making an announcement that the United States of America is ready to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Ever since this announcement protests erupted around the world in Muslim countries especially. Social media too was bombarded with reactions to this declaration made by Trump.

Palestinians also showed their anger on the announcement and street protests broke out, but one couple went ahead and displayed their protest in a unique way. The couple Nidal and Islam al-Saiqli from Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip have decided to name their newborn triplets as Jerusalem, Capital and Palestine.

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Palestinians also consider and take the disputed city—Jerusalem as their capital and the Trump’s announcement made on the 6th of December 2017 broke the decades of international policy that the issue should be solved through negotiations.

The three babies—two boys Jerusalem and Palestine and a girl Capital, were born in December, two weeks after the Trump’s decision went viral.

Mother Islam of twenty-five years of age exclaimed that she is happy, relieved and excited that they were blessed with triplets, so they were able to name them showing their protest in response to Trump’s verdict.

Her husband Nidal of thirty years added that there is no significance of the decision taken by Trump. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine.

To demonstrate the names, the couple arranged the three tiny sleeping babies on a bed with their birth certificates on their stomachs.

Trump explained that his verdict did not pre-judge the possibilities for future talks, but the Palestinians broke all ties with his administration displaying anger at his move.

Extensive street protests are happening in the Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel grabbed Jerusalem back in the year 1967 Six-Day War and later occupied it—this move never got recognition of any kind in the international community.

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