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In Gmail for Android, Gemini will soon be able to summarize your emails

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Bard was renamed to Gemini a few months back. It is now ready to substitute Google Assistant. Slowly and gradually, Google is incorporating it into its apps. According to fresh details, Gmail is the next app that will be integrated with Gemini.

With the help of Google Gemini, Gmail will soon be able to summaries your emails. The new feature was potted by code hunter AssembleDebug in the latest beta version of Gmail for Android. In the Gmail app, there seems to be a “Summarize This Email” button that can be used to generate a summary of the email.

Currently, the feature is not working up to the mark. For this reason, it hasn’t been rolled out to users. The feature is currently available on the web version of the app. However, it is only accessible to Google Workspace users via the Labs section. When the feature launches, most Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 14 (or possibly older, though that’s unclear right now) will be able to use it. We can expect it to arrive it to more users in the near future. However, there is no official word regarding its availability yet.

Samsung has made its AI-powered features available with One UI 6.1. These features include the ability to summarize notes in Samsung Notes, summarize webpages in Samsung Internet, and translate text messages and phone calls in real-time.

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