In opposition to Reddit’s changes to the API pricing, the Apple Subreddit goes dark


Recently, we learned about Reddit’s updated API pricing policy. In response to price increases, several third parties are recording their protests. Now, in response to the recent change the /r/apple, has come forward. /r/apple is Apple’s subreddit. In protest, the subreddit has gone dark. It is now private. Thus, indicating that the posts are not visible to users. As per reports, the /r/apple is expected to stay in the dark for 48 hours. It could even extend depending upon the conditions.

Along with /r/apple, there are several other subreddits that are expected to go into the dark in the upcoming days. These include the /r/videos, /r/gaming, /r/sports, /r/aww, and others. It appears like an organized blackout that is a response to the expensive API pricing fees. To be straightforward, such a huge API price is a risk to several third-party Reddit apps. Previously, Selig claimed that he is unable to pay Reddit a hefty amount of $ 20 million per year as part of the new API pricing policy. Resultantly, recently, Selig declared that Apollo would go offline by the end of this month.

Several third-party apps like Apollo and others get access to Reddit data like posts and comments via Reddit’s API. Until now, it was available to third-party apps for free of cost. Selig said that there is no harm in Reddit charging for API. But the fees set b the platform is quite expensive on the developers’ and third parties end. Besides this, Selig also mentioned the shorter time duration that the platform granted him to introduce the necessary changes to Apollo. However, the platform mentioned that accessibility apps won’t be subject to the new API pricing policy.

Last week, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman addressed the issue in a Reddit article, but his remarks drew harsh criticism and thousands of negative votes from Reddit users. Reddit has not yet changed its plans in response to community criticism, and if upheld, the API modifications are scheduled to take effect on July 1st.

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