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Indian Woman Beaten for Disconnecting Internet

An Indian man punched his wife for disconnecting the internet. The Indian woman claim she was beaten for turning off the internet by her husband. She switched off the internet to compel her husband to sleep.

Reshma Sultana is the name of the woman who turned off the internet connection. This angered her husband and in turn, he just punched her as reported by NDTV.

After the incident occurred the mother of Sultana issued complaint against the husband at the Somajiguda area of Hyderabad.

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Reshma Sultans has three children. Currently due to her sufferings and injuries on her chest, face, and head she is in a private hospital, where her treatment is going on.

As per a police officer, the couple had some issues in their marriage and currently, their counseling is going on. Once that is done it will be decided to register this case and arrest the husband or not.

This is a one side story, despite not knowing the point of view of the husband, the injuries of Reshma speaks volumes. While the world is celebrating women’s day, talking about women empowerment and freedom, the truth is women are still facing atrocities at the hand of men for no reason at all. There are millions of women out there who don’t even know their rights, let alone fight for it. Silence is good at times, but let us not become the punching bags for men.

Similarly, there are men out there who are denied their rights by over-empowered women. Freedom is necessary but let us work to create a balanced society instead of men oriented or a women-oriented world.

India is a growing society, its economy, lifestyle, the tech sector is advancing. The education level is high in India, but it is the awareness that people need. Men should know what are the rights of women and same is for the ladies, they should also know about the rights of men. That is the only way we can create an equal, livable society.

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