Indians Are Uninstalling Snapdeal By Confusing It With Snapchat- Its Hilarious

snapchat snapdeal

You must have heard the news about Snapchat CEO remarks about India and Spain, as he classed these countries as poor and showed lack of interest in promoting Snapchat into these countries.
After these statements snapchat and its CEO received backlash, following humiliated remarks Indians started to respond to Evan Spiegel and snapchat in the same way he did.
Indian Social media became viral of #uninstall #snapchat calls, people reacted to this call and started doing it, many bad comments and reviews were recorded in the app reviews on Play store.
The funny part is this debacle turned into entertainment for the whole world, as Indians became confused between two closely related name “Snapchat” and “Snapdeal”. Snapdeal is an online shopping app in India, It is reported that, a large number of people uninstalled Snapdeal instead of Snapchat,


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