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India’s Haldiram’s: Setbacks Domino’s and McDonald’s In The Country


Everyone knows about McDonald’s and Domino’s are the most popular fast food chains around the world. In India, these big brands are also the most popular fast food companies. Despite being loved by the people Domino’s and McDonald’s could not win the race against the local and traditional Halwai snacks company named “Haldiram’s”

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Haldiram’s founded in 1937, recently reached the annual turnover or Rs. 40 billion in India which is even greater than the combined revenue of Domino’s and McDonald’s. Domino’s reported the revenue of Rs. 17.33 billion whereas McDonald’s stands at Rs. 13.90.

“This also shows that Indians eat more pizzas than burgers”

After this remarkable development Haldiram’s becomes the largest snack company in India with 40 billion annual turnover. With an annual turnover of Rs4,000 crore

“Haldiram’s is now the biggest snacks maker in India.”

Economic times also reported that, Haldiram’s is twice the size of Unilever packed food division and twice the size of Nestlé’s Maggi. Haldiram’s reported revenues in 2013-14 were Rs. 35 billion and combined revenue of McDonald’s and Domino’s comes to Rs. 31.23 billion.

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Via Khaleej Times India