Top 4 Must-Have Apps for Businessmen: in Crisis

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Nowadays, many professionals are always on the move, juggling between meetings, clients, their own team and numerous other small things that need to cross off a to-do list. That can be pretty hectic and stressful, especially when the time is running out, you need to meet the deadline and, of course, something goes wrong. Hello, Murphy, nice to see you again!

Usually, the documents are problematic; you need to change existing data, to add new pieces of information or your document is too big for sending. You are left only with your smartphone and need to get your work done. Does this seem familiar?

If your answer is positive, then you have to check out these handy apps that will help you manage your documents on the go and successfully get your unexpected task done.

PDF Compress

will allow you to send large PDFs without difficulty from your mobile phone. It will reduce the size of the file, preserving its quality, so later on, that hefty file will become smoothly shareable with your clients and co-workers. It is really convenient when you need to send immediately massive reports, statistics, research and any other large amount of data you are working with on a daily basis. So, with PDF Compress you’ll leave a good impression, an impression of a reliable person, always with prompt answers.

(Available on iOS and Android)

pdf compress

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Sign by JotNot

will enable you to fill and sign PDF form or sign PDF document without going to the bank, seeing your lawyer or accountant. Now you can skip redundant meetings with clients and customers just to have their signature. This productivity app will save your time and help you reduce the paperwork to a minimum. It is absolutely necessary for all professionals who work with important documents in the field when “time is of the essence”. As a result, JotNot will help you increase your efficiency and get more work done.
(Available on iOS)


Sign by Jotnot


PDF Merge

will allow you to combine two or more PDF documents on your mobile phone. In that way, you can unite effortlessly all scattered data in a single document. It’s pretty useful when you need to add some new data that already exists in another document. There’s no need to create a completely new document and manually insert the text. That would be so time-consuming! You’d use PDF Merge when you need to add some things to your presentations, business offers, inventories, reports and other documents.
(Available on iOS and Android)


pdf merge

Pocket Scanner Cloud

will enable you to turn your iPhone into a small, mobile scanner. In that way, you can create JPEG scans, write captions and add texts to photos, and convert your documents, notes, whiteboards, and receipts to multi-page PDFs. This is perfect when you need to digitalize or send right away your paper documents on the go. Pocket Scanner Cloud will help you boost your productivity and cope with annoying paperwork.
(Available on iOS)


pocket scanner cloud


With these helpful business apps you can avoid some everyday work crisis and say: “Goodbye, Murphy, it was nice knowing you!”

Some Handy Apps To Boost Performance And Save Time


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