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Instagram Accounts Hacking Reported by Many Users

Instagram Accounts hacking

Many users have reported regarding their Instagram Accounts hacking. A number of Instagram users have reported about their accounts being hacked. The one thing they all have reported is that the accounts were hacked with the same approach.

As per the reports of Mashable, lately, many Instagrammers were seen reporting that their Instagram accounts have been hacked. The users of the app have suddenly found themselves logged out of their accounts and when they attempted to log back in, their earlier fed information to their respective accounts including their bio, contact information and profile image has been changed.

The people mostly had their profile images changed with a Disney or Pixar character and the email address linked to the account was changed to an account with a.ru Russian domain.

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Some users even had their two-factor authentication switched off by the hackers. But, the hackers do not seem to be putting more photos to the account or even removing the older uploaded ones.

Owing to the changed email addresses, accessing accounts again is a bit of a task as Instagram’s automated messages would now be sent to the new changed email address.

Hundreds of affected Instagrammers took it to Twitter and Reddit for reporting the hacks. Mashable reported, quoting an analytics platform—Talkwater that there are more than five thousand tweets from eight hundred and ninety-nine accounts indicating about the Instagram hack in the previous week.

Additionally, recognizing the problem and addressing it, Instagram took it to Twitter to assist the affected users to regain their access back to their hacked accounts.

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