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Instagram Decides to Remove Fake Likes and Follows

Fake likes

Instagram is now working on removing the fake likes, follows and comments.

The Fake likes and Follows on the Instagram would now be removed from those accounts that use the third-party services for getting more viewership. They would be removed for breaking the Instagram community guidelines and terms and conditions. This amendment in the third-party policy was announced today.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing application unveiled that it has made the machine learning powered moderation tools. These tools would be recognizing which accounts makes use of these services. Once the accounts are identified, the app would then automatically remove the likes, comments and follows.

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Instagram Accounts which would be recognized as making use of the third-party apps for getting famous would be informed that its fake likes are removed by the app according to the policy.

These accounts would be asked to alter their passwords in case the third-party applications have compromised on their security.

On the other hand, Instagram is also inviting other brands and influencers to come on the platform for selling and displaying their products, so it is evident that more accounts would turn to third-party applications for providing a boost to the posts.

As per the latest reports there is a flaw reported in the Instagram “Download your Data” tool. It reportedly revealed the passwords of some users.

As per a spokesperson of the Instagram, the issue was found internally and has affected a very small percentage of people.

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