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Instagram introduces important age verification tools to more countries

In order to enhance transparency on the platform, Instagram introduced an age verification tool. It was introduced back in June 2022. Some new reports have now emerged that suggests that the company is going to introduce the tool across various other regions. Reportedly, the tool will be introduced across Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.

The new tool requires the users to provide some evidence in order to verify their age. However, the tool is not presented to all users. rather, it shows in a particular case. For instance, when a user decides to make changes to the birth date in their profile. In this scenario, Instagram will require age verification from the users.

The age verification tool is provided in three different ways. Among those, the first one requires the user to submit a copy of their ID. Besides this, the users can record a video selfie for verification. The video will be sent to Yoti, the verification partner of the platform. Yoti is specialized in online age verification. Furthermore, the users can access their friends to aid them with verifying their age.

One question that pops ups here is why such a tool was introduced. Well, the company wants to provide its audiences with an age-appropriate experience. Of course, this is a step towards enhancing the safety of the platform. Besides this new roll-out program, the tool has already been introduced in Brazil and India. Furthermore, the company has introduced some new safety parameters as well. They enable the users to disconnect from the platform while also putting content front and center.