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For users under 18, TikTok imposes a 60-minute daily screen time cap

TikTok is one of the apps that has gained immense popularity in a short duration of time as opposed to several other well-known platforms. The platform is equally utilized by all types of users. Adults and children use the app to entertain themselves. According to some reports, on average, children spend around 91 minutes on the app. Such a large screen time is a matter of concern for parents. Since it can pose several health issues.

In order to cater to the parent’s concerns, the platform has introduced a new feature. The new feature will be aimed at limiting the screen time of children. With the new feature, parents will have more control over children’s activities on the platform. Users below 18 years of age will be provided with a 60-minute screen limit on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the company states that if any user wishes to make changes to this screen time limit feature they will be required to enter a password. It will enable them to make changes to the allocated time on the app. In addition to this, if any user below 18 years of age deactivates the screen time limit, the app will prompt the users to set a limit in case they use the app for 100 minutes or above. Besides this, TikTok will also send younger users an inbox notification every week recapping their screen time.

One thing to notice here is that the company has taken the experts from Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital on board. Furthermore, the company has considered academic research to determine the limits. Well, it appears like a universal standard for excessive screen time has not been ruled out as yet. However, the company seems to consider every perspective on its end.

In addition to this, the company is working on various new features. for instance, it will introduce the family pairing feature. The new feature enables parents to apply custom limits based on the day of the week. Besides this, the company is going to introduce content controls. Such a feature will permit parents to sort out specific videos that use certain hashtags or words.

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