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Instagram is planning to get rid of its live shopping feature

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As the technological world is introducing major advancements with the passage of time, people are starting to consider them as major sources for e-commerce. However, Instagram has taken a step back from its shopping ventures. The company is taking measures to walk away from shopping ventures, probably weighing down its live shopping feature. Instagram will not let its users tag products with their live streams.

Instagram was providing the best experience for product sales. Although Instagram is backing off from its main shopping features, In a recent alteration, the shopping bar was removed from the bottom bar. The tab was moved to a lower accessibility point. From this move, we seem to have some idea about the changes that will appear on the platform.

Instagram’s live shopping feature will be discontinued

Live shopping is a major feature on Instagram, as it’s quite convenient for influencers to promote their work during live streams. If an influencer has some specific products, like shirts or any other accessories, they can promote them by tagging the link in their live stream. The same feature was in the process of being launched through Tiktok. Amazon also uses the same strategy.

As per information from The Verge, Instagram will completely execute this feature on March 16. There is only one more month to take advantage of that feature.

This excludes feature will only have an impact on the live shopping area. However, other stores and shopping companies will still be able to run their stores on the platform. These stores will not be affected by this update.

Observing the situation, we can’t really predict what the company is actually aiming to do. Many big names and brands have their shops on Instagram. We don’t really know if they will also be removed from the platform. We have to wait for further steps to analyze the situation as a whole.