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Instagram may soon be introducing its own paid verification

With advancing technology, Instagram is also updating itself from time to time. It’s introducing quite a lot of features, but not all of them have been accepted in a proper way. As per information from Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is thinking of adding the latest feature of paid verifications.

It sounds quite recent, as we heard from Twitter some time ago. Last year, Elon Musk implemented the “paid blue tick” policy. This new step made the company look defeated at the point of a checkmark and caused some major financial issues.

Instagram is bringing its own page verification program

This information was obtained from some leak sources on Instagram, so we cannot guarantee its accuracy. We can’t be sure until it’s verified by the company.

A recognized Instagram leaker who provides quite a lot of information on upcoming features and any of the updates to be released. The leaker recently shared a code, IG_NME_PAID_BLUE_BADGE_IDV. By observing the code, we can see IG is for Instagram, whereas we can assume IDV is for ID verification, and the rest of the code is easily predictable. From this information, we can assume that the company will be launching its own paid program for the blue tick.

Instagram provides a verification program that highlights a public figure with a blue tick. From this information, we can assume that it may cost us money in the future.

Before you point out all the criticism at Instagram’s CEO, it seems like more of a decision taken by Meta than the platform itself. As with the above-mentioned code, we can also see FB_NME_PAID_BLUE_BADGE_IDV, which is the same as the previous one. Here, FB stands for Facebook.

As of the previous updates, Meta was facing some major financial issues along with the job cuts of so many employees and a huge loss in VR and AR. So this step could be a new approach to resolving those issues.

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