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Instagram Launches Remix Feature On Reels Similar To TikTok Duets

Instagram remix

Instagram on March 31 officially launched a new feature called Remix, which provides a way for users to record Reels videos together with videos from another user. This option is similar to TikTok’s existing Duets feature, which also allows users to create their own video content while reacting to or interacting with other people’s video content. This is not new as one technology apps learn from others and incorporate popular features vice versa. Several apps have been copying features from others in the past.

Instagram’s new features have actually been publicly tested before, so some Instagram users may have already gained access to the new feature.

To use the new Remix function, users must first click on the three-dot menu on Reel and select the new Remix this Reel option. The screen will then split into the original Reel, where the user can start recording side by side with the original Reel. After completion, the user can adjust other aspects of the recording such as the volume of the original video or audio, and can also choose to add a voice-over. After applying these edits or any other edits, you can publish the Remix.

The Down Side

This feature can only be used on newly uploaded Reels, so, unfortunately, if users want to remake their old Reels, they need to re-upload or return to the old Reels to specifically enable Remix. Instagram said that the feature will be launched today. By default, all Reels posted from public accounts will be enabled.