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Facebook and Instagram were down again on Thursday

Facebook and Instagram again went down due to an outage. Though, it was for a little while, but this happened for the second time this year. What are they up to?

At around 5:30 PM ET on Thursday, Facebook and Instagram again went down. The news leaked when thousands of users reported the outage on DownDetector.

This outage is not the first one to occur this year. On March 19th this year, Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp all went down. None of the apps could tell the reason behind that outage, not even the parent company. And after 20 days, the company faced the same issue. Though, WhatsApp survived this time.

According to The Verge, Facebook couldn’t respond to their query, neither the company hinted when the power would be back. According to a developer, Jane Wong, Facebook’s internal websites were also affected by this outage. Facebook’s outage dashboard was also facing the same issue.

This outage may last long for some, but it’s informed that Facebook and Instagram were coming back at around 6 PM ET of the same day.

You’re lucky if you didn’t face any issue like this. And even luckier if your data was kept safe when 533 million users from 106 countries couldn’t remain protected.

These recent flaws from the tech giant led us to ask you if you could still rely on Facebook? Or thinking otherwise? Share your thoughts with everyone.

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