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Instagram now enables users to add multiple links to their profile

Finally, Instagram is adding a much-needed update to its features. Users will soon have the option to add several links to their profiles. Users have only been able to add one link to their bio on the app for years. For this reason, people are now using third-party technologies like Linktree, a link-in-bio platform, to add multiple links.

Instagram will now enable the addition of multiple links to a user’s bio

Yesterday, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the launch of the new update on his own Instagram channel. The CEO has mentioned the latest update as “probably one of the most requested features we’ve had.” The feature will be rolled out for both personal as well as business accounts. Given the new update, users can now add around five links to their profiles. If you add more than one link to your profile, Instagram will cut off the first one and prompt you to add more links. This is how the new feature works.

Do note that only the first link will appear in the profile. Other links will be concealed under a pop-up menu. When a user clicks on the first link the hidden menu will appear. In this way, users will have access to additional links. Well, this limitation could induce users to stick to Linktree. Since it permits the visibility of all the added links. Users might also continue using Linktree out of habit or because Linktree enables them to create a more specialized page for several connections.

In any case, it took a while for Instagram to upgrade to allow users to post several links to their profiles. And users would undoubtedly like its addition.

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