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Instagram might let you post content for close friends only

Instagram is the perfect platform to display your media and content for your followers. As for public accounts, your post gets everywhere. But it seems Instagram is planning to add an excusive feature. As per information via BGR, Instagram will let you post that will be available to only your close friends.

On a public account, when you post something, your followers and non-followers can also see it, which serves the purpose of your account being public. Sometimes there’s some kind of content that we only wish a few people could see. Twitter is providing this feature in the form of a Twitter circle that lets its users share their posts with a selected audience.

Instagram will let you share posts with close friends only

As per the report, Alessandro Poliuzi was able to break into post-view settings that display a new option. In the post view settings, an option for close friends is available. This option will let your post reach only people included in your close friend list.

Although we know nothing about this feature and its functionality, We can’t say anything about whether this feature will be coming to the platform or not. We assume that if the feature is released, it will be exclusively available on the platform.

Another possibility with this feature is that it might not be available for specific posts. As you switch to this option, it might make all your future posts for close friends only, and the rest of the audience will be left out of the blue. Although a better option will be for this feature to be designed for specified posts, The same feature is also available for stories. If it makes its way to the platform, it’ll be an interesting feature to have.

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