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Instagram Stories Would Permit Users to Post Videos of More Than 15s

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are now allowing much longer videos by dividing them into various segments.

Instagram keeps on introducing new features now or then for keeping the limelight. Owing to this reason more and more people are shifting towards the social media in a very short span of time. Some days back, Instagram made it all the easier and quicker for people to follow others they had met in life.

We all know that nearly every social media networking site and messaging application is launching ways for sharing the stories of one’s day. Many people share their stories in the form of videos. These videos are mostly allowed for some predetermined time limit and expire after the duration of twenty-four hours. In the same way exactly, the Instagram Stories were earlier limited to a fifteen-second clip. Any clip that was longer than this duration was required to be clipped before it was shared. The amazing part of the news is that the firm is apparently altering this cap.

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Instagram is now permitting users to share more than fifteen seconds of video in their stories. Now when a story is posted of more than fifteen seconds it would be making various parts of the video. But, as per Reddit user TooYoung, the following parts do not hold the text from the initial footage.

Previously, Instagram introduced a new feature—Nametag. The new feature permits users by displaying their username on phone in such a format that permits it to be analysed by people.

For learning that either you have got the newly launched option of longer duration videos or not visit your app and see.

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