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Facebook Working on Voice Commands for Messenger

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Facebook is reportedly working on upgrading its Facebook Messenger with the introduction of voice commands in the application.

As per the recent reports, Facebook is working on internal testing for the improvement of its Facebook Messenger by allowing its users to use their voice for dictating and sending messages, for initiating voice calls and for creating reminders within the application, as per the reports of Tech Crunch.

According to the development code for the Facebook Messenger’s Android application, the app might come in with an “M” messenger assistant button that would be used for the activation of voice commands. But, more details are not yet revealed, since the feature is most probably in development, as written by Digital Trends.

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Although Facebook has not yet officially launched anything, however, if the feature is actually introduced it might prove beneficial while drafting messages while driving, and also Messenger would be easier for people with disabilities, or for foreign users whose native languages are tougher to type.

Tech Crunch was informed by a Facebook spokesperson that they often experiment with new experiences on Messenger with employees. They have nothing more to share at this time indicating that the feature might be under testing phase internally within the employees.

Additionally, there is still no guarantee whether the feature would ever make it for public use or not.

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