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Instagram to introduce in-app payments soon

in-app payments

Instagram is almost everyone’s favorite app. It has more than a million advertisers and there are more than 25 million businesses active on it. The company has recently admit to launching trials that might be good news for online consumers. There are selected users that are shown “shop now” icon under consumer outlets and the app asks you to enter payment details, along with a PIN for extra security. You can find it under the payment settings.

Once you are done with the set-up there are opportunities to use the feature and make advance payments for bookings at places like salons, as an example. The company has confirmed the trial and claims to use this feature for a number of purposes such as booking movie tickets. The app offers many shopping opportunities via tagged items shown in images, when you are making a purchase then the pop-out navigates to another page and asks you to include payment details for each new merchant.

The new feature in the app is aimed at keeping the users in the app instead of navigating to another merchant’s system. This is a win for users because of the added convenience and with your details already stored, less hassle and more seamless shopping experience. Shoppers can also see a details of their purchase from multiple merchants with a few taps.

The in-app payment method came through very later than expected.

The feature is expected to come out of the trial phase soon and roll out to the community in some time. The company has signaled its intention in March last year to allow booking directly from profiles but had not mention anything about payment methods.

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