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Nust Global Acceleration Program is inviting applications

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The NUST Global Acceleration Program (GAP) – is a spearheading acceleration program. Supported by the US Department of State it plans to help post-revenue Pakistani new businesses and gives them a worldwide launch pad.

The local technology entrepreneurial system is in its early stage and in this manner represent a test for Pakistani startups to become big royalty on a universal stage. Domestic interest for cutting edge solutions stays low because of the developing aura of the economy and subsequently shoppers oppose receiving innovation items. In this manner, new companies think that it is difficult to develop as they have restricted access to greater markets and neglect to draw in purchasers. The local entrepreneurial community is as yet growing along these lines there is an absence of financial speculators, field specialists, and coaches. Subsequently, NUST’s Global Acceleration program won’t just profit the startups taking an interest in yet in addition venture Pakistan in a worldwide market.

NUST Global Acceleration Program is as of now expecting applications.

The new companies will get three months of preparation in Silicon Valley. The Global Acceleration Program will choose 12 post-revenue new companies, give them an office space at the varsity’s Technology Incubation Center for a year, and train them in Silicon Valley for three months. The new companies will be associated with relevant tutors and space specialists, investors, and worldwide customers. The target will be to display Pakistan’s finest new businesses in the cutting edge bunches of Silicon Valley, approving their items in the US market and in the long run looking for subsidizing. Qualified new businesses should exchange five percent of their equity to NUST.

Candidates are required to present their entrance here by May 20th, 2018. The qualified candidates will include the principal bunch of the Silicon Valley program that is booked to start on July first, 2018.

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