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Instagram will now let you reply with GIFs in comments

Instagram has been really active for quite some time now regarding adding and excluding features. It started as a picture sharing platform and is now completely shifted onto reels and stories. It keeps on altering its badge to keep its users engaged with reels and stuff. After a long break, Instagram is ready to launch some new features regarding its old memory of picture sharing.

Instagram will let you reply using GIFs

A new option is being introduced on the platform that will let you reply with GIFs in comments. You can also reply to someone’s story with these GIF buttons. By tapping on this option, you’ll be provided with a range of these GIFs along with a search bar that will help you find your perfect reaction.

As per information via Piunika Web, this feature is now available for comments too. Some of the users have seen this option in the comment section too, and it will let you comment under posts similar to stories. Instagram provides quite a huge range of GIFs that will let you find the exact reaction you are looking for.

iOS users of Instagram can see this feature on their devices. This feature will be available when updated to latest version of Instagram, other than that it’s available to few devices till now. It will obviously take some time to roll out to everyone.

Other features from Instagram

Instagram just unveiled Quiet Mode to enable you to disconnect from social media. When the setting is turned on, the app will suspend alerts and notify anyone who sends you a direct message that you’re not available. Also, the app now allows users to label specific content types as uninteresting so that you see less of those images and movies in the Explore and Reels tabs.

Instagram continues to be a leading option for online artists, despite some of its difficulties. We have some helpful advice that you can utilize to improve your Stories game and post like an influencer if you’re just getting started with the site.