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Google Task will become a common place for all Reminders

Last year, in September 2022, Google announced that it would migrate Reminders from Google Calendar and Google Assistant to Google Task. This change will be available on your devices starting next month.

As per information from Google, these migrations will start to alter both personal and free accounts on March 6, 2023. Even if you don’t accept it immediately, you’ll be automatically migrated in Q2.

Beginning April 12, 2023, users of Google Workspace and Task Services will receive a voluntary prompt. The workspace has already been updated to reflect the May 22, 2023 update. Another crucial point is that Reminders will not transfer over to Workspace accounts with tasks disabled, according to Google. After June 22, 2023, these reminders are susceptible to deletion.

When this feature is fully implemented, users will be able to manage and view task-related activities by pressing the forward button. This activity is also accessible from other Google applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Chat.

The technology behemoth also disclosed how long the procedure is anticipated to take. The rollout may extend for at least 15 days, starting on the day you received the alert, irrespective of whether you use a personal account or a workspace account.

It appears that Google Takeout will make it possible for personal and workplace accounts to export their Assistant and Calendar Reminders. Furthermore, these users will still be able to use Assistant to handle tasks, but they will need to change their settings.

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