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Intel increases chips prices by almost 20 Percent

Intel’s chips and CPUs will soon have a larger number on their price tags. The company informs its customers that prices for almost all products will rise significantly. As a result, PCs and laptops are likely to become even more expensive in the second half of the year.

One thing is certain: Intel chips will soon be more expensive, as will PCs and laptops

The news about the price increases at Intel comes from the industry magazine Nikkei. As can be read there, prices for most microprocessors and peripheral chips will increase accordingly over the course of this year – not only for CPUs for servers and computers but also for Wi-Fi and other connectivity chips. Nikkai wants to confirm these intentions after talking to “industry leaders with direct knowledge”.

Intel has already communicated the price increase to many of its customers and promised it before the fall. As a reason, the company cites what many other industries also cite as a price driver: rising costs for production and materials are accompanied by persistently strong inflation. As part of the latest earnings call with investors, it was already indicated that prices would rise “due to inflationary pressures”.

Certain segments affected

CEO Pat Gelsinger announced in April that the company would “change the products to a higher price.” CFO Dave Zimmer said the company is looking for “targeted price increases in certain segments”. It is now possible to predict how high this rise will be: one of the sources cited by Nikkei sees prices up to 20 percent higher at the top, but for some products, the rise will only be in the single digits.

The coming months will bring interesting times for end customers. As Intel’s CPU prices rise, GPU prices are falling for the first time in years due to the crypto crisis. Additionally, both Intel and AMD have some innovations to announce this year. The old question of when to buy a PC or laptop is very difficult to answer right now