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Intel Performing Well During The Pandemic Crisis

10-nanometer chips

Despite the emerging crisis, Intel started the New Year pretty well. The company was even able to achieve solid growth with processors for PCs and notebooks, where competition is increasing pressure.

“Our performance in the first quarter is a testament to how the team focused on this enormous challenge on protecting employees, supporting partners in the supply chain, and delivering products to our customers,” said Intel CEO Bo Swan. In this crisis, the importance of technology is greater than ever before when it comes to enriching people’s lives and supporting them in their success.

The Intel boss sees this as the basis for the fact that despite the outbreak of the crisis in the course of the last quarter, business for Intel went well. Intel achieved a 34 percent increase in sales of processors, which are primarily designed in servers for the rapidly growing number of data centers. What is more surprising is the fact that the more PC-centered processors also rose 14 percent. Here, the weak sales of PCs and notebooks, as well as the increasing pressure from AMD, made for mixed numbers and it was generally assumed that the crisis worsened the situation.

The time coming is uncertain

In total, Intel was able to increase its sales by a whopping 23 percent year-on-year to now $ 19.8 billion. As a result, net income rose from $ 4 billion in the first quarter of 2019 to $ 5.7 billion.

The management of the chip group, however, assumes that the development in the second quarter, when the crisis will be a little more violent, will not continue as strongly. The sales forecast is cautious at $ 18.5 billion. This also coincides with the expectations of industry observers.

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