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WhatsApp Plans To Start Showing Ads To Users


The Messenger WhatsApp has been owned by Facebook for years, the social network cost the acquisition back then $16 billion. It is doubtful whether the money has been recovered since then. Because you don’t earn much with WhatsApp if there is no advertising or other selling.

WhatsApp can still be used free of charge and is also ad-free. Although Facebook tries to place Messenger, which is by far the most popular in the West, in the business environment and make money with professional services and functions, it probably doesn’t do much either.

The topic of advertising has been buzzing around for years, but it is quite a back and forth. In the end, however, it seemed that these plans were completely abandoned, according to media reports, the team responsible for implementation was dissolved and the WhatsApp advertising was finally buried.

But now it’s time to go back in command. Because, according to a report by The Information, Facebook wants to introduce advertising at some point. However, this could take a little longer, because you only want to implement this after you have combined the Messenger. It has long been in the works that Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp can “talk” to each other.

Internally controversial solution

Facebook confirmed to Engadget that advertising is still on the radar in the long term. The Information also has details on how to learn: Because Mark Zuckerberg’s group is currently considering comparing the phone numbers between Facebook and WhatsApp in order to be able to show targeted advertising.

However, this is apparently highly controversial within the company as well, as some managers fear that users may delete their Facebook accounts if that happens. Because such a link would be problematic, among other things, with regard to data protection. However, this is an issue that will take years anyway, because Facebook has previously announced that the merging of the messenger infrastructures will not work overnight.