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Intel Working On Future Firmware Updates Without Restarting

Intel is working on equipping computers with firmware updates in the future without having to restart the system. “Intel Seamless Update” is the name of the feature for which codes are already provided by Intel.

Above all, updates for the UEFI should be able to be imported completely without interruption in the future, reports Phoronix. Such a feature is of course less aimed at users of PCs and notebooks who occasionally restart their devices anyway. Rather, Intel is targeting the operators of critical server systems, for whom every break is a real problem. This is especially true in areas in which the high availability of certain systems must be guaranteed.

With the Intel Seamless Update, it would be possible for them to be able to react quickly and flexibly to security problems. It is no longer necessary to weigh up whether the consequences of downtime outweigh the risk of a malware attack. Instead, patches could simply be imported and would take effect immediately. But other error corrections and performance optimizations can also be easily imported into the system.

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Linux kernel adapted

The introduction of the feature is currently being prepared, among other things, in the transmission of the necessary kernel extensions to the Linux community. Since most servers run on the free operating system anyway, this is the most important step. There is currently no further information on whether the manufacturers of various other server operating systems are also supplied with the corresponding codes – which, however, can be assumed.

Interested observers could basically already see beforehand that Intel is working on the feature mentioned. Because in August, the group made a whitepaper available in its firmware community, in which the technical basics were outlined.

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