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iOS 11 update makes it easier to access a Wifi nearby on iPhones

iOS 11 Update - Apple - iPhone

The next time you visit your friend’s place, you won’t be required to ask for the LOGIN name for a WiFi. You would only be asked to enter the password: say the iOS 11 update by Apple.

It was quite embarrassing when you had to ask for a Wifi login name. The developers at the Apple have now found an easier way to login to a Wifi when your iPhone detects a Wifi at the best coverage.

The new iOS 11 update says that when you switch on your Wifi on your iPhone, the only thing you would be required to do is to enter the password.

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The news was rolled out recently when Apple introduced the new iOS 11 update. Apple said at the WWDC earlier this week that this process is quite easy and quick to enter a foreign network.

Although Apple has not yet shared every secret, the new iOS has more to tell. To know more, iOS 11 supported devices users need to stay in touch OR would need to explore the new features themselves.

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