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IPhone Screen Repair: Apple To Put Screen-repair Machines In 400 Service Centers Other than Apple

Reuters reported that by the end of 2017, Apple is going to installed Apple

branded Machines to repair iPhone, iPad displays/screens as factory serviced or Apple serviced. Apple has 3rd party repair centers in 25 different countries all over the world. The machine will be provided to all these 400 service centers to carry out repair tasks, Apple named this machine “Horizon”

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This development can be seen as a reaction to recent U.S. legislation targeting tech companies to expand their proprietary restricted repair practices. The act “right to repair” gives rights to other service providers to use proprietary means to repair the product using their 3rd party repair center. The machine Horizon currently can only be seen in the Apple owned repair centers only. The machine was not formally known to general public before this.

Now, Apple will allow third-party repair centers to repair Apple products on their behalf using their horizon machines. Horizon machines allow the repair to change the broken screen without voiding the warranty. Horizon machine is needed in other critical cases. Finger print can only be replaced using horizon because it tells the iPhone processor to accept the hardware changes.


Horizon machine has the ability to access every part of the iPhone — rather than simply exchanging components, the machine can also be connected to iOS itself and provide access to proprietary software. Tech companies and Apple itself has lobbied against right to repair bills for this reason, they argued that giving such machines to third-party vendors makes our products prone to hackers and allowed them to hack our devices.

It also indicated that Apple wish to keep the lucrative business of repair to itself however, Apple did not mention how much it earns from the repair business. Analysts estimates that the revenue generated by repair business is around $1 billion to $2 billion a year.

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According to the news sources centers in countries with no official Apple stores — including Norway, Colombia and South Korea — will also be able to receive horizon machines.