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iOS 12.0.1 is here to fix the teething problems of iPhone XS

iOS 12.0.1

It didn’t take long for Apple to address some of the iPhone XS’ teething problems. The enterprise has released an iOS 12.0.1 update that, maximum notably, fixes a glitch that avoided the XS and XS Max from charging over a wired connection until you woke the display.

This failed to affect all and sundry, however, this can prove a relief to all people involved that they had a wake up to a low battery. It additionally fixes a WiFi reception problem in which the tool might rejoin a community at the slower 2.4GHz band as opposed to 5GHz.

There are a few more preferred updates as well, together with problems with Bluetooth becoming inaccessible and a lack of subtitles in a few apps.

iPad owners may additionally be glad to peer the “.?123” key return to its unique function within the digital keyboard. This, in reality, is not a momentous function upgrade, but you’ll actually want to improve — it irons out some evident kinks that were souring the enjoy, in particular for individuals with modern-day iPhones.

Apple already addressed the issue in iOS 12.1 beta 2, and today’s iOS 12.0.1 release brings the fix to all users before the larger update to iOS 12 is ready. Some users reported the issue affected older iPhones and even iPads running iOS 12, although Apple only mentions the iPhone XS in the release notes.

We have posted an elaborate article on the iPhone 12 update and what features it entails. You can read it here.

Apple has already issued similar updates for Apple Watch and TV with watchOS 5.0.1 and tvOS 5.0.1. Today’s iOS 12.0.1 update should be reaching customers shortly.

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