Google shuts Google+ down following a massive data breach


The tech giant, Google has announced that it is shutting its social network Google+ down for the consumers after a massive data breach.

After the decision to shut Google+ down, Google finally admitted that its social networking platform never received the wide adaptation or an engagement with the users that the company had hoped for. As per the blog post by Google, as many as 90 per cent of Google+ user sessions last for less than five seconds.

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When the report regarding the data breach came on the surface, the company has decided to shut the Google+ down rather than try and make the social networking platform more secure than before.

The data breach was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

A bug in one of the Google+’s People APIs was discovered by the company. This bug allowed the apps access to the data from the profiles of the Google+ that were not marked as public.

The data which had been breached was included static data fields such as name, email, occupation, age, and gender. However, it didn’t include the information from the posts on the Google+.

The reports further said that this bug was patched in March 2018, but the company decided not to inform its users at that time.

The company announced that Google+ will continue as a product for its Enterprise users. It is by far the most popular use of the social network. Therefore, the company has decided that Google+ would be better as an internal social network for the companies, rather than a consumer product.

The company said that it will launch new Enterprise-focused products for Google+ in the future.