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iOS 13 Update Not Coming To Older iPhones Including iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 13 update

iOS 13 update could bring many new features for the iPhones, and iPads, but people using older phones would not be able to receive new software updates which Apple is going to announce on June 3 in San Jose WWDC2019 conference.

Apple is going to hold the conference WWDC2019 with developers where it will announce, discuss and explain the new software including iOS 13, MacOS 10.15 and WatchOS 6.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had been the best selling smartphones for Apple for a while, but unfortunately, that is it, Apple iPhone 6 cannot be updated with new iOS 13.

There are a number of other models that will not receive iOS 13 including iPhone SE, iPhone 5 and 5S, iPad mini 2i and all the other older products. Apple products and devices that are using the A9 processor will not receive the software update.

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People have to change their devices and upgrade them to the latest models if they really want to use the new software.

There can be a couple of reasons why Apple is not including support for older devices, firstly, the device support for wider-range of devices makes the software big enough to comprehend which takes a lot of work, effort and time as well as resources. Secondly, people using older devices should now buy Apple’s new devices to keep the shareholders happy.

Whatever the reason Apple is waggling on it must prioritize the user’s preferences, if Apple force old iPhone users to buy the new ones it must consider the two major elements in it, including price and features. If Apple can create a balance between the features and price of the devices, users would be happy to replace their older phones with the latest models.