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Top 5 Trends in Designing Your Business Card

A good business card is one of the best ways to effectively network and market yourself.

It says who you are, what you do, and gives potential clients and partners the basic information about you. The real battle is figuring out how to get your card noticed among the dozens or hundreds of cards business leaders receive.

We’ve put together a list of 5 of the hottest business card design tips to help you make your card really pop.

  1. Minimalism

One of the most popular design trends these days is the minimalist approach. Clean lines, classic color choices, and the use of empty spaces are back in a big way.

When it comes to business cards from 4 over 4 there’s a lot to be said for minimalism. The goal of a business card is to convey information.

A bright white card with small text in a traditional font can make a bigger statement than a loud or colorful one. Your name, number, email address, and company are honestly all you need on a quality card.

Not only do minimally designed cards stand out in a world of glossy and multi-colored cards, but they also generally cost less. If you need to order a huge number of cards for your business a minimalist design can be the best way to go.

  • Interactive and Eye Catching Designs

If minimalism isn’t your style you should try to make your card pop. High-end logos, interesting extras, and foldable cards add a little something extra to your business card.

If you build your card with fold lines and other things people can play around with they’re a lot more likely to notice it. A one really popular method is to use a pull tab that lets the whole card slide and reveal more information.

It looks a lot like an old interactive storybook and really draws the eye to your card. If you need to put a lot of information on business cards from 4 over 4 this is a great way to do it.

  • Large Fonts and Symbols

Most decision makers end up with a lot of business cards. If your card doesn’t stand out or catch the eye somehow you’re pretty much out of luck.

A great way to do this is with large fonts and customized symbols related to your brand. You can use a blend of font sizes and styles to draw attention to different areas of your card.

Symbols can also be incorporated effectively. The most obvious is your company logo or a symbol related to your industry. You can also put things like social media icons or brand related symbols.

  • Smart Cards

If you want to go really high end with your business cards, incorporating smart features is an excellent option. It lets you set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd and convey tons of useful information.

In the past, the best you could hope for were things like QR codes or links. Now though you can do everything from the build in RFID chips, foldable flash drives, and even magnetic stripes.

These are especially effective for people in sales. You can put your catalog and other business-specific information right on your business card. People also notice cards with cool features like that. Just getting them to look at your card twice is 90% of the battle.

  • Textured and High Gloss Cards

People who get business cards are used to how they feel. If you get a card with a high gloss or textured finish they immediately notice that something is different.

A great place to start is with engraved and laminated cards. This gives an instant textural difference between classic business cards.

The feel of the cards is just the first step. The look of them is so much cooler than old school paper cards.

Stand Out

A good business card gets you noticed. It’s there to transmit your contact information to interested parties. You have to stand out from the run of the mill cards to stay competitive. By following the tips we’ve outlined above you have a great chance to create a remarkable card.