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iOS 16 To Get Security Fixes Automatically

If iOS 16.1 is released, iPhone owners won’t have to go through complete software installations for the most recent security patches. Apple has announced a brand new feature for the mobile OS, dubbed Rapid Security Response, which lets the company automatically install security patches to devices of users between regular software updates. It’s among the security features that the tech giant announced during WWDC this year. It’s also part of Security Check which provides users with an easy way to check who has permission to view their locations as well as calendar information. Safety Check also shows them the permissions that are used by each app that runs on their device.

In line with the MacRumors reports, iOS 16 will add a new section in Automatic updates in the Settings that will be called “Install System and Data Files.” If it’s turned on, users will be able to get software updates that don’t come to full updates, and that is automatically installed without having to reboot their phones or even lift their fingers. The feature is turned on automatically when you upgrade to the latest OS, and users who don’t wish to have automatic installations will have to remember to turn off the feature.

iOS 16 from Apple iOS 16 brings a bunch of other features that are new to iPhones including an improved lock screen that can be customized and the ability to modify text and the capability to utilize the Face ID feature in any phone is in the landscape. The first public beta version of the new mobile operating system is scheduled to launch in July however it will no longer work with iPhones with the iPhone 6S, 7, and the first-gen SE.

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