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iPhone 12 Comes Without Charger And Headphones?

Apple iphone 12 charger

Here is a new story by the Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 12 models will not include headphones and an AC adapter in the box. The iPhone 12 would only come with a Lightning to USB-C cable in the box.

Though it was reported earlier that Apple is going to ditch 5-Watt charger and introduce a new 20W charger with the new iPhone, however, it was surprising to hear that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will launch a new 20-watt (W) adapter as an optional accessory for iPhones 12 and will stop production of its existing 5W and 18W adapters later this year.

The shape of the new 20W adapter would be similar to that of the 18W version, with a USB-C power supply for fast loading, as shown in the photo below, shared by a user on Twitter.

More interesting information

Ming-Chi Kuo thinks production costs for iPhone 12 will increase dramatically due to 5G support, but Apple expects to sell new models at a price comparable to its range iPhone 11. Removing EarPods and the power adapter from the box is one way to lower the selling price of future phones. Apple would also tout the environmental benefits of such a move.

We learned that Barclays still expects Apple to provide a Lightning to USB-C cable in the box as the only accessory with the various iPhone 12 models.

Kuo also expects Apple to stop including the 5W power adapter with the second generation iPhone SE later this year. The 12W power adapter for 10.2-inch iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini will continue to be sold with current generations.

A strategy to introduce AirPower?

It could be that as well, Apple has decided to remove the AC adapter from the box of the iPhone 12 to introduce its new wireless charging base, the AirPower, recently reappeared in the news. As a reminder, Apple had already created a similar problem in 2016 by removing the jack from its iPhone 7 to be able to introduce the AirPods. It is not impossible that Apple will do it again this year to give consumers a choice by marketing a new charging solution at the same time.