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Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite Would Be Delayed Till 2021

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Earlier this year, there was a rumor that Samsung was preparing a Galaxy Fold Lite for release in late 2020. A new report today also has emphasized launch in August, but unfortunately, the phone’s release appears to have shifted to 2021.

This new phone should allow the Korean manufacturer to offer its customers a Lite version of its foldable devices, at around 1000 dollars.

If the foldable phones look and sound like luxury items, it is because their price makes them inaccessible to most people for the moment. The combination of their price and their fragility means that they are currently considered a full range. Samsung, which helped boost the market for foldable phones with its high-performance devices, was also to promote more affordable foldable phones. Unfortunately, it now appears that this will not be the case this year, as plans for what was believed to be the Galaxy Fold Lite 4G would have been put on hold.

A release originally planned for August

The report comes from the Korean site Viva100, claiming that the Galaxy Fold Lite, more affordable than its big brother the Galaxy Fold, was supposed to be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked online event. There were rumors that the event was scheduled for August 5, with a multitude of products to be announced. This would have been the perfect opportunity for customers to be presented with the first affordable foldable smartphone. The Korean media report does not go into detail on the reasons for this change, except that Samsung postpones the launch of the phone to 2021.

This would probably have been the perfect time for such a cheap version of the Galaxy Fold. People are now looking for cheaper alternatives given the current global economic situation, and a foldable $ 1,000 phone would have been welcomed. Samsung seems to want to focus on the release of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 this summer.

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