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iPhone 12 Users Reported Green Screen Issue

iPhone 12 Pro

Recently, the iPhone 12 problems continue, but they all seem to appear on the screen. According to the feedback from some users on the social network Weibo, the so-called “green screen” has appeared in the iPhone 12 series. The specific symptom is that the new phone will display a screen when the screen is black (the screen is lit, and the background is pure black). Of course, the above situation is not a small number of iPhone 12 series owners. Some users even said that this is the case after the new replacement, and there is no improvement.

iPhone 12 Green Screen

Some foreign media said that Apple has noticed this situation, but has not yet given a specific solution, only that it is still under investigation.

Before that, some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users complained about the yellowish screen of the new phone. Many users posted that even if the True Tone function is disabled, the iPhone 12 Pro’s screen is still quite yellow. Many netizens speculate that this is due to Apple’s one-sided pursuit of production capacity and relaxed tolerance and quality control. But judging from consumer feedback in recent years, since the iPhone 3G era, there have been complaints about Apple’s use of inferior screens.