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iPhone 12 Charging Bug Will Not Support Multi-Port Chargers

iPhone 12 French

After having bugs like green screen issue and Qi Standard Charging Problems now iPhone 12 faces another challenge, although this generation of iPhone 12 has been upgraded to 20W fast charging, the performance in terms of battery life is still poor, such as crazy power loss after turning on 5G. Now, the iPhone 12 has exposed a charging bug. Some netizens have reported that when the multi-port adapter is charging the iPhone 12 Pro Max if other devices are plugged in or unplugged, the iPhone will disconnect and stop charging.

Weibo user said that as long as the power and parameters are redistributed, the iPhone 12 series will be disconnected and the Lightning end needs to be unplugged. The common 1A2C on the market is almost impossible to escape.

For the time being, there is no solution, but I can only try to use a separate charging head for the iPhone 12. If you have to use a multi-port charger, as well as “to plug another device, then plug the iPhone 12 phones.” Unplug the other devices, but also a timely re-plug the next iPhone 12. Some charger manufacturers said that they are aware of this problem and that the new products have been corrected. However, the multi-port chargers that have been purchased generally cannot flash the firmware, which basically cannot be solved.