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iPhone 12 Will Be Equaling Performance Of 15-inch MacBook Pro


Apple has recently been reviewed by various techies after the company was known to be working with 5nm process which is likely to be integrated into A14 Processor. As you know the history of nm process the 10nm process was deployed in the famous Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPad Pro tablets, later Apple introduced A12 Bionic chip which was built on 7nm process which was deployed in Apple’s later products including Apple iPhone XS Max and iPad Air as well as iPad Mini. Also, the latest iPhone 11 uses the same process 7nm in A13 Bionic chip.

The improvement in the nm process has incredibly increased the performance of later devices; a similar approach is now underway. Apple is working on the 5nm process which will blatantly uplift the performance of the upcoming iPhone 12. The 5nm process is small, it also creates more space for another hardware setting eventually increasing the performance of the device, it is also been said that Apple the process will also help improve the battery in iPhone 12. If we discuss the performance improvement in a comparable way, iPhone 12 is likely to compete for the performance of Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch.

Now “If we take TSMC at its word about the improved transistor density of the 5 nm process, we’re looking at an incredible 15 billion transistors. That’s more than all but the largest high-end desktop and server CPUs and GPUs,” writes MacWorld’s Jason Cross.

If Apple deploys the 5nm process in iPhone 12 that we could see the super-powerful iPhone this year which could leave the performance on laptops behind.

 According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple products leaker said, Apple is most likely to use the iPhone 4 like metal frames in the new upcoming device rather than curved frames in the previous models.

iPhone 12 Models and Screens

We have already come across various reports about iPhone models in 2020, earlier we also had some leaks including patent filing, and models including 5.5-inch, 6.1-inch and the biggest iPhone 6.7-inch screens. There are predictions about future iPhones in 2021 which are likely to come completely port-less wireless charging.

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