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iPhone 14 Pro Models Will Have Upgraded Cameras For Low Light Photography

The camera updates are coming to all iPhone 14 pro models, this becomes the news rather than a rumor as the notorious Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts. The information Ming-Chi Kuo provides are mostly authentic and trustworthy.

In a recent tweet by the Apple analyst Kuo, the iPhone pro models will see a major camera upgrade, the cameras are supposed to perform well under low light conditions. Kuo also said that the upgraded performance is expected to come in higher-end iPhones rather than base versions.

We have already seen the better performance of the iPhone 13 pro in low light conditions. But this has to change now with newer models.

According to the details provided by Kuo, Apple has upgraded the ultra-wide angle camera which went up from the 1.0-micrometer pixel witnessed on iPhone 13 pro to the 1.4-micrometer pixel which will be seen on iPhone 14 pro models. This would improve the quality of images under low light conditions amicably.

Moreover, going into the details, Kuo said Apple will upgrade the iPhone 14 Pro sensor CMOS, voice coil motor, and compact camera module simultaneously. The upgrades will see a cost increase as well, as much as 70%, 45%, and 40% more expensive than you see in iPhone 13 Pro.

The information currently on hand does not oppose the rumors of a 48-megapixel camera coming to the iPhone 14 Pro series. The upgraded camera is also expected to use pixel binning, this will improve color accuracy and low-light performance, with 4 discrete pixels being used for each generated pixel of low-light photography. The array of 4 pixels equates to 1.4 micrometers, effectively being used to make one low-light pixel.

If that becomes the reality then the result will still be 12-megapixel photos for low-light photos, and up to 48 megapixels for brightly lit subjects.

Kuo also believes that the component suppliers will also make more money due to these upgrades. Sony is the company responsible for the supply of CMOS sensors, Minebea, and Largan supply the voice coil motor, and LG Innotek provides the compact camera module.

Kuo also believes that Apple is ready to announce its VR headset in early January 2023.